Rising Mains/MSDB

An Electrical rising main is required when electricity is installed in a multi occupancy building which could be many stories high. Examples can be found in tower blocks, car parks, and hospitals. Rising mains work from CS Cable Jointing are quickly installed and provide a reliable solution to buildings all over the country. Delivering a safe and reliable power source to your building is key to modern building facilities and, our teams of internals cable jointers have the necessary knowledge to install and connect cables in buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Rising MainsOur rising main staff can provide an electrical distribution to your building that is safe, efficient, and that will deliver the power to all corners of a modern high rise dwelling or office. Rising electrical mains can be installed as standard, or with the use of trunking, traywork, cable ladder or other approved containment.

Our teams at CS Cable Jointing are no stranger to working at heights. Many of our projects and installations are carried out at great heights as well as in hard to reach locations. All buildings need a constant supply of electricity, and one that will not falter or fail when many different areas of the building are using large amounts of power at the same time.

Correct electrical distribution in large builds is of extreme importance, and the type of installation fitted will depend on whether each floor or separate area of the building is to be metered separately or together. The rising main is known as the vertical supply system, and the distribution on each floor as the horizontal or lateral supply.

CS Cable Jointing can provide you with the correct rising mains for your building, as well as ensuring the correct high voltage supply from the transformer substation that is generally installed at ground level or below. If high voltage is required on high floor, transformers can be installed on these floors.

The arrangement of the installation provided by our teams will depend in the size and shape of your building as well as the suitability for installing the cables and or containment. Our team of experts have worked on many high rise locations around the country, supplying power to many large and high rise structures and buildings both on a temporary and permanent basis.

Some examples of the major projects we have been involved with in London are;
– Saffron Square, Croydon (43 Storey Sky Scraper) – Sub station/switch room install, cable installation and MSDB (riser) work.
– Regents Place Tower, Central London – Sub station/switch room install and MSDB (riser) work.
– Aldgate Tower, Central London – MSDB work