Private Networks

Private NetworksCS Cable Jointing regularly work for private networks as well as on large public projects. The same time and care is taken to complete projects we carry out for our private customers, and we work to the same stringent standards of health and safety that make us the leading cable jointing company that we are proud to be today. With track records of 100% safety and 0% failure over the years, many private networks put their faith in our standards every day.

We have worked on a number of projects including private university networks and IDNOS, our high standards of service being identical to when we work for large networks. We have specialists in all fields, such as cable damage repair, cable pulling, high voltage, and high rise building work, our equipment and highly experienced team of experts providing a service that is simply second to none.

One of our most notable projects to date was the Hindhead Tunnel, this project requiring the utmost level of safety precautions to complete without endangering our workforce or indeed members of the local community. Our cable jointing services are noted all over the country as being the very best in their field, live cable jointing and hv cable jointing being second nature to our team of highly trained experts.

CS Cable Jointing deliver the highest standard in low voltage cables, cable laying, and electric substation work due to the training we give to all our new and existing employees. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, ensuring fair employment practice in the workplace and ensuring that all our team members are specifically trained in both general cable jointing as well as in their specific field.

We are proud to offer ourselves as the most qualified cable pulling contractors to private networks around the country, our name being well known amongst local communities as one that works efficiently and with the utmost level of safety and care. At the same time, we are noted as a company that is kind and considerate to both the local community and the environment, taking everyone into consideration and putting into practice sustainable procurement that extends far beyond simple care to our supply chain.