New Residential Sites

New Site Work / Multi UtilityCS Cable Jointing have worked on building sites across England completing work on behalf of DNO’s, IDNO’s and ICPs. During this time we have structured this area of the business to cover all aspects of installing a new electrical infrastructure.

For the electrical installations on a new site there are many disciplines required:

Mains Cable Installations (HV & LV)

Most HV cable installs are carried out in open trenches with a sand bed. LV Cable installations can be either in open trenches or ducted trenches. CS Cable Jointing have a specialist cable install team to carry out this work. We have winches, a cable trailer and also cable drum jacks and cable rollers so that we have the equipment ready for the specific sites needs. Our cable team hold winch training tickets as well as CSCS/EUSR Cards. If the cable installation requires specialised equipment we can hire this in.

HV & LV Jointing

We have jointers trained in each discipline for LV and HV jointing. Please see Cable Jointing tab for more information.

Substation Installs

We have two teams trained to install substations covering switch gear installations, LV and HV cable terminations, substation earthing and small power & lighting.

Flats Internal Installations

We have multiple teams dedicated to LSOH Cable Installations for MSDBs and HDCOs to the cut outs. For over head containment we have specialised equipment that allows us to work at height. Our operatives are trained to PASMA standards allowing them to erect the equipment.

House Service Installations

We have multiple jointing teams authorised to complete these connections.


We have teams authorised for live LV mains jointing they are also authorised for energising via fuse and solid link installations.


We can offer our services as turn key projects where we will manage the entire project or alternatively complete phases of a project under the clients supervision.