HV Cable Jointing

High Voltage

Our team of hv cable experts are ready to work on your electrical installations, providing you with the highest quality and safest high voltage installation for your site or plant. We have specially trained teams who work with hv cable jointing and hv switchgear, all our team members having been trained by ourselves to rigorous standards before being sent out on-site and all have appropriate authorisation that allows them to work and accept permits onsite.

Hv switching and hv jointing can be carried out in almost any location, our team having the vehicles and equipment to get to even the hardest to reach locations. Our off-terrain fleet of vehicles can access even the most awkward of locations, our high voltage electricians being trained to work not just in cramped conditions but also in adverse weather conditions. We can pull and lay hv cables for your site and installations, our team having the necessary training to work with DNO cables where 3core, 11Kv Triplex and swa/copper are used.

High voltage cable jointing is second nature to our team of hv engineers, our workforce having worked on many large public and private networks around the country. High voltage switching carried out by our hv team will ensure that your electrical installation and power supply are safe and that they are installed to the very highest of standards. Hv cable laying and pulling can be carried out by our team of engineers for blocks of apartments, university campuses, and for public buildings such as hospitals and carparks. When working on high rise buildings, our team of hv cable experts will use rising electrical mains and/or busbar trunking to ensure the correct power supply is delivered to all storeys of your building.

High voltage cables will be supplied to your site by a high voltage authorised person; all our teams are constantly being trained and retrained to ensure that they are up to date with any changes in hv cable engineering and that they are authorised to work with hv equipment. To date, we have a 100% safety record on all our hv cable installations, and we believe that our dedication to the training of our workforce and the security measure that we adhere to at all times are responsible for this unblemished track record. We believe in not just laying hv cables but in serving the local community, our workforce, and using sustainable procurement to ensure our supply is the very best in the country.