High Rise Buildings

High Rise BuildingsWorking in and around London, high rise building work is second nature to our riser teams here at CS Cable Jointing. Like with all our other services that are available, we have teams of specialists within our workforce who have received additional highly-targeted training in the specified field. Within the London M25 boundary we have successfully completed a large amount of cable laying, rising mains and jointing projects. Major projects undertaken by ourselves including those found in Saffron Square and the North East Quarter.

We regularly carry out electrical substation work for high rises, our team of experts carrying out each substation installation project from start to finish. We can work from switch rooms or electrical substations, jointing and laying cables both externally and internally. When working on high rise projects, we supply our own scaffolding and safety equipment that is regularly maintained and updated to ensure that hazards in the workplace are not allowed to occur.

High Rise BuildingsWith the use of podiums and winches as well as PASMA trained staff, jacks and trailer, we can effectively work with cables at any height. Our extensive range of high voltage cable jointing and low voltage cable jointing is available to you, no matter how high up your building is or how inaccessible it is to reach. We also offer LSOH service cable installation and MSDB/ Ryefield installation work, our range of rising main services being extensive and complete.

Through the careful and correct use of all the necessary safety equipment, and by adhering to our health and safety policy at all times, we can provide hv cable jointing, lv cable jointing, cable pulling, and electric substation work to  high rise buildings all over the country. Through the practice of sustainable procurement, CS Cable Jointing also provide a service that is beneficial to the local community, our supply chain, and to the environment.