Extreme Weather

Please call 01342 712223 or email enquiries@cscablejointing.co.uk to arrange Emergency Works.

Extreme weather conditions are no stranger to our teams here at CS Cable Jointing. We are used to working in adverse weather conditions and we have the necessary equipment and vehicles to allow us to carry on working whatever the change in weather. Working with energised networks, we recognise the risks associated with bad weather, and as long as it is safe to continue working, we will do so.

Extreme WeatherOur cable jointing services are available to customers during flooding and heavy snowfall. We work to strict safety standards to ensure that neither our workforce or the local community are put at any risk while we carry out the necessary work. We have carried out work on electrical substations during adverse weather conditions as well as having carried out work during flooding and extreme snow conditions. In 2010 we carried out work during the big freeze that caused temperatures to drop way below zero degrees with no problems, and we were also heavily involved with the Abingdon floods in Oxfordshire in 2008.

CS Cable Jointing have highly trained team members who can carry out live jointing, cable pulling, and hv cable jointing in all weather conditions. Our teams of cable jointers enjoyed notoriety in 2010 in the Linden Homes Newsletter, when they worked through the freezing conditions to continue the completion of final connections. Thus ensuring our clients could deliver their completed new homes to their happy new homeowners on target.

Wherever possible, we will continue with our HV/LV cable joint, and cable installation work whatever the weather; only under exceptional circumstances where there is a safety risk to our employees or to the local communities will we temporarily abandon work on site. Working with our local communities to serve them as fast and safely as possible, we are immensely proud of our 100% safety record and our dedicated team members who will work through even the most adverse weather conditions to deliver the very highest standard of cable jointing services anywhere in the UK.