Cable Jointing

The term Cable Jointing covers a myriad of processes. These are broken down into the following elements:

Service Jointing

The connection of a cable to feed a specific item (i.e house, site office, streetlight etc). This needs to be connected to the nearest suitable LV main, which could be connected to while live or dead. The other end of the service cable is terminated to a cut out at the domestic property, streetlight etc.

Cable JointerLV Mains Jointing 

The connection of a new main cable to an existing mains cable to extend the LV main network. This work is normally completed as live jointing unless on a new building site when the mains may not yet be energised.

Link Box Installation

The installation of a link box with links or fuses in to give a point of isolation, backfeed or separation on a LV main. Link boxes can be installed on live networks as well as dead.

High Voltage Jointing & Terminations

All high voltage jointing and terminations are carried out while the HV network is dead. High Voltage is never worked on while live.


Live mains and service jointing of the insertions of links or fuses to liven a main or network.


We cater to our clients requirements, providing trained jointers to cover all aspects of jointing works:

  • LV Service Jointers
  • LV Mains Jointer
  • LV Live Jointers authorised for live jointing and energisations
  • HV Jointers

Electrical networks vary in different areas so we have jointers trained for different networks.

When our clients make a request for works to be completed, we allocated the right resource.