Over the last few years the new connection business in the electrical industry has changed quite dramatically with the introduction of “competition in connections”.

Having worked for DNO’s and IDNO’s and private clients we have gained the knowledge during this period to complete installations on behalf of the client, to the specification the Rising Mainsnetwork adoption company require.

The works we specialise in are:

  • HV & LV Cable Installations (underground and high level tray work)
  • Multi Utility Connections (ICP licensed)
  • Substation Installs (including small power & lighting and earthing installations)
  • Multi Service Distribution Boards (including service cable and cut out installations)
  • Mains Distribution Boards
  • All HV & LV Jointing and Termination (including live jointing on LV networks)
  • LS0H Service and Mains Installations and Connections/Terminations
  • Street Lighting Schemes (PFI) New Connections, Transfers and Disconnections to DNO Network

We carry out Network Upgrades on both LV and HV Networks for DNO’s. These schemes are critical to ensure a reliable electricity supply to many communities by replacing antiquated mains cables and services.

Our teams can be booked on a ‘rent a jointer’ day rate basis to be used as required.

Another service we provide to the DNO’s is a fault finding and repair service on the LV Network.

We specialise in multiple connection sites, not single property alterations.