Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable ProcurementWe pride ourselves on our sustainable procurement policy, working to maximize not only our private cost benefits, but to provide net benefits to our customers and to all companies within our supply chain. By actively collaborating and engaging with all our suppliers, we are able to operate triple bottom line quality consideration, paying attention and detail to social, economic, and environmental factors.

Our cost considerations are far superior to conventional procurement, incorporating extrinsic cost considerations into our price and quality criteria. We thrive on the fact that our supply chain is beneficial to all parties concerned, as well as being entirely ethical. This approach extends not only to our suppliers, but also to our workforce and customers. We believe in delivering a service that is beneficial to everyone concerned, whilst providing a healthy working environment for every single member of our workforce.

Through the careful development of techniques and tools, we have adopted a broader interpretation of sustainable procurement that includes not just our supply chain, but our highly trained employees. We believe in fair practice in the workplace, offering long term contracts for both employees and suppliers, ensuring that our decisions will be beneficial to all parties concerned.

Our ethical work approach can be seen in our fair employment practices as well as in our environmental and Health and Safety records. We strive on excellence, providing the highest standard of cable jointing work that is carried out with the highest quality of supplies and by only our own trained and employed workforce; it is against our work ethic to temporarily employ “self-employed” individuals. Our adoption of fair employment practices and sustainable procurement policies ensure that we deliver a standard of excellence in Cable Jointing that is incomparable in service delivery and quality not just in the South East of England, but nationwide.