EnvironmentCS Cable Jointing realise that if we do not have effective control measures in place, the work we carry out can detrimentally affect the environment.

The main risk from our activities are:

  • Noise
  • Fuel Spills
  • Air Pollution
  • Vehicle Run Off
  • Waste

We continuously review our business processes to ensure we cause minimal environmental effect to the local community.

We reduce the level of travel wherever we can by allocating work to the employee(s) located nearest the contract.

Our vehicles and plant are serviced regularly to ensure they are working efficiently and as environmentally friendly as possible. Recently all our vehicles have been replaced and updated to take advantage of the latest mechanical advances.

We carry oil spill kits and drip trays to either rectify or contain any spillages should an incident occur whilst we take the necessary action as required.

Historically offices produce excessive paper and ink waste. To reduce this we have implemented electronic processes to eradicate or greatly reduce wastage in our office. All employees have handheld tablets so they can read plans and work instructions, complete work instructions electronically which are sent back to the office. The small amount of waste the office does produce is recycled.

Our work ethic is to provide sustainable solutions to our customers that minimise the use of natural resources, reducing the affect on the environment. We work with our customers to complete our work as environmentally friendly as possible.

To ensure we are constantly improving our environmental performance, we use a systematic approach by which we can identify, measure and manage areas where improvements can be made. We have set ourselves long term goals that are realistic and achievable.