Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social ResponsibiltyCS Cable Jointing take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We have identified strategic areas of our business that are core to meeting our responsibilities.


CS Cable Jointing are aware that our activities can have an impact on the local environment. Our environmental policy states our intentions in detail which will help us to achieve a sustainable development path.

Standards of Business Conduct

We ensure that within our organisation we take the careful steps towards decisions responsibly adhering to ethical, professional and legal standards.


Our customer focus is paramount to our organisation. We aim to provide a valuable service beyond that of our competitors to enable our clients to achieve their primary goals.


As a small organisation we are able to work closely with our employees, we enjoy low staff turnover which in return gains respect and loyalty from an employer perspective. This also provides continuity for our clients.

Heath and Safety

CS Cable Jointing will, so far as reasonably practicable, take all measures to ensure that safety and health of all employees while at work. We will honour any commitments placed on us by all relevant safety legislation. These measures will also include provision, insofar as is reasonable for the safety of other persons who we do not employ.


We consider our suppliers to be business partners; we demand similar business practices to our own and we work with them to deliver safe, reliable equipment and consumables.

Local Communities

Our business supports local communities and charities. We operate an annual budget which allows us to support community activities such as ‘Race For Life’ and Spelthorne Sports Skys Under 9’s football team.


We believe an essential part of developing relationships with local companies and communities, is a responsible approach to levels of safety and service that surpasses expectation, trust, responsible reactions and a level headed approach to decisions. These are major factors in creating and delivering business success.